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Fire crew changes Sir Patrick Stewart's tyre

The Star Trek actor thanks a fire crew on Twitter for helping him after his car tyre blew.

Richard Bennett jailed for Coventry road rage attack

Richard Bennett caused "significant injuries" after slamming a car door on a driver's arm and leg.

Bees' buzzing to be live-streamed at Coventry Cathedral

Fifty thousand bees are playing their first gig - and a cathedral is the venue for the performance.

Coventry firm fined for 16 million automated boiler calls

The Coventry company must pay out £260,000 after plaguing people with automated phone calls.

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McCain torpedoes Republican Obamacare repeal plan again

The senator says he "cannot in good conscience" approve the plan, which is backed by President Trump.

Puerto Rico dam bursts in wake of Hurricane Maria

More than 70,000 people who live near the dam are warned they face "a life-threatening situation".

Kalashnikov statue to be changed because of German weapon

A statue to Russia's creator of the famed AK-47 rifle is to be changed as it shows the wrong weapon.

North Korea: Trump and Kim call each other mad

North Korea's leader ratchets up the war of words, but the US president responds in kind.